Donnerstag, 8. Dezember 2016

Carees and Portfolios

Careers I would like to look into are Environment Artist, Character Artist and Animator.
For the development project we are doing for the next 3 weeks I'm positioning myself as a environment artist.
I'm going to populate a small scene on a side table inspired by the 1920s.
It will include an ashtray, a cigarette holder and a drinking glass of some sort.
All assets will go through the pipeline process which includes: low poly model, high poly model, uv mapping, texturing, lighting and rendering.
I want to have a full HD render at the end of the project displaying all the assets it their best way.

Useful article about pipeline production

I also had a look into several professional portfolios on art station.

Seth Thompson (my absolute favourite 3D artist to date)

Renaud Galand

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